BAM Seeker - eBay Buyer Software with FREE eBay Sniper

Buyer Auction Manager (Seeker) is a Windows software for eBay buyers who are serious about winning auctions. It offers three powerful modules that will help you find bargains and win more auctions for less:

  • Sniper - this free eBay auction sniper allows you to win more items for less by placing your bids in the final seconds. Avoid bidding wars and save money. If you're not sniping, you're most likely paying too much for your auctions. Learn more about sniping on eBay.

  • Win It Now - find bargains on eBay by searching for newly posted Buy It Now listings. There are sellers who sell their items cheap. Those items end very quickly. Win It Now helps you find those auctions right after they've been posted. Learn how scanning for "Buy It Now" items can help you find good deals.

  • Ending Now - find deals overlooked by other by scanning for eBay auctions that are about to end. Some items do not get noticed by buyers and end with very low final bids. Ending Now allows you to scan for auctions that are ending within minutes so you can snipe them or bid directly through eBay.

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  • Win more auctions by sniping in the final seconds
  • Find bargains by scanning for newly posted BIN items
  • Find deals by scanning for auctions that are about to end
  • Get an edge over other buyers by shopping smarter!
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FREE Sniper Disclaimer

Sniper module is free to use without restrictions. You will not have to pay to use it and you can snipe as many auctions as you'd like. This module is part of BAM Seeker (Free) subscription. The only requirement is that you create an account. You'll choose your User Name and you'll get a password by email. You'll use those to log in to the application.

The other two modules Win It Now and Ending Now require paid subscription. When you create a new account for the first time, you'll get 30-day trial to BAM Seeker (Plus) which allows you to use Win It Now and Ending Now functionality for 30 days. Please see BAM Seeker version comparison page for more details.

Application Overview and Demo

See BAM Seeker in action by going to Application Videos Page. You'll find demonstration videos there that will give you good overview of the software, show you what it does and how to use it.

To learn more about functionality, system requirements and cost, visit BAM Seeker Download page.

Go to About Page to find out how it all started and see screenshots of the application.

Finally, check out BAM's How to Buy on eBay Blog for posts geared towards eBay buyers that will give you tips, tricks and valuable information about buying on eBay.