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Scan, Snipe, Buy and Track your eBay purchases

Buyer Auction Manager - Software for eBay Buyers

Buyer Auction Manager (BAM) provides software for eBay buyers targeting those buyers who either make a living purchasing items on eBay or who supplement their income buying on eBay and reselling, be it right back on eBay, in their own stores or on some other marketplaces. The software will also benefit those buyers who purchase large volume of items for themselves and want to find bargains.

We currently provide two software solutions for eBay buyers: BAM Seeker and BAM Tracker. First one allows you to find "Buy It Now" bargains and snipe auctions in the final seconds. Second one helps you manage your eBay purchases from the time you win given auction, until it's received, cancelled or returned.

BAM Seeker - Scan, Snipe and Find Bargains on eBay

BAM Seeker has powerful searching capabilities that allows you to search for items on eBay and purchase them before others have a chance to find them. It can search for newly listed Buy It Now items as well as auctions that are about to end.

The software comes with free eBay sniper that submits your bids seconds before the auction ends. You can use sniping part of the software without paying anything. Here are some benefits of BAM Seeker:

  • Find BIN bargains by scanning for newly posted Buy It Now items
  • Find overlooked deals by scanning for auctions that are about to end
  • Win more auctions by sniping in the final seconds
  • Get an edge over other buyers by shopping smarter!

You're only 2 steps away from using BAM Seeker:

  1. Create FREE BAM account
  2. Install the latest version of BAM Seeker

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BAM Tracker - Synchronize, Automate and Manage Purchases

BAM Tracker allows you to manage your eBay purchases.

If you purchase large volume of items each month, you know how difficult it is to keep track of those items. Some sellers do not ship with tracking or do not update tracking numbers on eBay. Others do not provide any information that you can use to identify who given item came from.

Once you start winning over a hundred auctions a month, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of what you already received, what you’re still waiting for, what needs to be returned and what you need to open protection cases for.

BAM Tracker solves those problems by allowing you to:

  • Automatically synchronize purchases with eBay and PayPal
  • Send automatic messages to sellers using eBay messaging center
  • Quickly and easily find who given item came from
  • Easily view communication, send manual messages and leave feedback
  • Avoid frustration and save time managing your eBay purchases!

You're only 2 steps away from using BAM Tracker:

  1. Create FREE BAM account
  2. Install the latest version of BAM Tracker

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Application Overview and Demo Videos

See the software in action by going to Application Videos Page. You'll find demonstration videos there that will give you good overview of the software, show you what it does and how to use it.

To learn more about the functionality, system requirements and cost, visit BAM Seeker details page or BAM Tracker page.

Go to About Page to read Buyer Auction Manager History and how it all started.

Finally, check out BAM eBay Blog for posts geared towards eBay buyers that will give you tips, tricks and valuable information about buying on eBay.