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Buyer Auction Manager Background and History

Picture of Robert from BAM Hi, my name is Robert and I'm the founder of Buyer Auction Manager (BAM). In the middle of 2011 while looking through completed eBay listings, I've noticed that sometimes there were items that sold for bargain prices. I've noticed that those items were mostly Buy It Now listings and that they usually ended right after they were listed (less than 2 minutes after they've been posted).

This gave me an idea to create a software that would search for newly posted Buy It Now auctions on eBay. Originally I've created BAM for myself and successfully used it to win items I was interested in. I believe this is the only way left to find real bargains on eBay.

BAM Seeker

At the end of 2011, I released the original Buyer Auction Manager which included the functionality to search for newly listed BIN items called Win It Now. After a few months, I've decided to make it better. I made a lot of changes to how the software searches for Buy It Now items such as the ability to search within store listings, better search engine and the ability to customize what you wanted to see.

I've also developed two totally new features called Sniper and Ending Now. Sniper allows you to schedule automatic bids that will be placed in the last seconds of the auction. This helps you save money by avoiding bidding wars and compulsive bidding. Ending Now scans for auctions that are about to end. This helps you find deals that have been overlooked by others.

All those features are currently part of BAM Seeker. If you rely on eBay to purchase your inventory, this software will be of great benefit to you.

BAM Tracker

Towards the end of 2013, I started working on a new project. Seeing how difficult it is to track eBay purchases because eBay does not give you the tools you need to help you receive items, and speaking with a few people who purchase a lot of items on eBay, I started working on BAM Tracker.

With this software, I wanted to help buyers keep track of their eBay purchases. I wanted to make sure that the software automatically pulls your transactions from eBay and PayPal and if there are changes made on eBay, such as seller adding tracking number, that the software updates that information so you can easily search for it and find it quickly.

I've also seen the need to send automatic messages to sellers at certain times, such as after sending payment to give sellers some instructions or after item is received to thank them for the item and ask to contact you if they have similar items for sale.

I wanted to have templates where you could create your own messages and send them either automatically or manually to multiple sellers at the same time. Same thing with feedback. Create your own templates and easily submit them using the software by marking given item as Received.

All those features are currently part of BAM Tracker. If you purchase a huge number of items on eBay each month, you either have your own custom solution that you probably paid many thousands of dollars to develop or you need this software to stay in business.