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BAM Tracker Pricing

Pricing for BAM Tracker is based on the number of items you purchase on eBay each month. The more auctions you win, the more valuable the software will be for you because it's a lot harder to keep track of 1000 auctions that you win in a given month than 100.

This is how invoicing works: You use the software for a month without paying anything. After the first month, the software will generate an invoice for you based on the number of items you purchased on eBay during previous month and it will give you a week to pay that invoice. If you want to continue using the software, you would pay it and keep using BAM Tracker. If you decide that the software is not for you and you do not want to continue using it, do not pay the invoice and the software will disable itself. No hard feelings.

As stated above, pricing is based on the number of items you purchase on eBay each month. You only pay for the number of auctions you win each month so if one month you purchase 450 items, you would pay $60 for that month. If next month, you only purchase 150 items, you'll pay $20 for that month. Finally if the month after that, you only purchase 30 items, you would not pay anything during that month.

Pricing Table

Below is a table that lists BAM Tracker prices based on the number of auction you win on eBay during given month. Find the range that you fall into for the month and you'll see your price for that month:

Min Orders Max Orders Price for the Month
0 30 FREE
31 200 $20
201 400 $40
401 600 $60
601 800 $80
801 1000 $100
1001 1500 $140
1501 2000 $180
2001 2500 $220
2501 3000 $260
3001 4000 $320
4001 5000 $380
5001 + $450