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BAM Tracker Officially Launched Today!

BAM Tracker Has Been Released

It has taken a long time to get here but the time has come and BAM Tracker has been officially released. BAM Tracker is another software by Buyer Auction Manager for bulk eBay buyers. Unlike BAM Seeker that helps you purchase items on eBay, BAM Tracker helps you manage eBay purchases. It takes over once you win given auction and helps you all the way until you receive your item and are satisfied with it, cancel it or return it.

BAM Tracker is your bulk purchase managing software that synchronizes your transactions with eBay and PayPal so all the information that’s available for given auction is at your fingertips. It updates changes automatically so when seller makes changes on eBay such as adding tracking numbers, those changes show up in the software within minutes. It can send messages to eBay sellers automatically, help you communicate with sellers more efficiently and help you find who given item came from.

If you purchase in bulk on eBay, BAM Tracker is for you!

Click here to see BAM Tracker press release.

Click here for more details about BAM Tracker and download link.


How BAM Tracker Can Help You Manage Your eBay Purchases

BAM Tracker – Software for Volume eBay Buyers

If you purchase large volume of items on eBay each month, you know the pain of managing those purchases. It’s very difficult to keep track of what you already received, what needs to be returned to the seller and what needs to be cancelled. It's hard to know which items you need to follow up on because you haven't received them in a reasonable amount of time. Then you also need to spend the time and effort managing protection cases.

It takes a lot of hard work to stay on top of your purchases so you do not get in trouble with eBay. BAM Tracker was created to address the pain of tracking your eBay purchases and here are the things it will do for you:

1. Automatically synchronize eBay purchases

BAM Tracker can be set up to update your orders from eBay every few minutes. When you purchase an item, it shows up in the software automatically. It pulls most information available on eBay for given item which includes standard auction details such as item number, title, seller user name, prices, payments and refunds. It also gets information such as tracking numbers, carrier shipped, item location, item zip code and shipping address. Those can greatly help you identify who given item came from.

When there are changes on eBay, such as seller marking item as shipped or adding tracking number, those changes are synchronized as well so you always have the latest information.

2. Automatically pull corresponding PayPal transactions

Once eBay transactions are retrieved, BAM Tracker can also synchronize with PayPal, pulling payment information for your orders. It gets seller email address as well as their name so if you can’t figure out who given item came from using information from eBay, you might be able to find it using information from PayPal.

3. Send automatic messages to eBay sellers

BAM Tracker can automatically send messages to sellers using eBay messaging center. You would create email template where you choose the kind of message, create subject and body. Once you have email template, you assign it to an event and when given event happens your email will be sent automatically to the seller. Here are the events that you can set up:

  • Email After Purchase – sends message right after you purchase given item
  • Email After Payment – sends email after you pay for the auction
  • Email After Received – sends message after you mark given item as Received in BAM Tracker
  • Email After Feedback Left – sends your email after you leave feedback using BAM Tracker

For example, you can enable Email After Payment event where you create a message asking seller to include their user name and auction number with the item. This way, when you receive given item, you’ll be able to easily identify who it came from.

4. Efficiently communicate with sellers

As stated above, BAM Tracker allows you to save custom email templates. Once you create a few for your specific situation, you can just select one or multiple auctions and choose Email Seller. This brings up Send eBay Message screen, where you can select what email template you want to use, make any changes for this specific message and send it to one or many sellers at the same time.

BAM Tracker also allows you to download messages from eBay so you can easily view all the messages that relate to specific auction.

5. Easily figure out who given item came from

Once you receive given item, BAM Tracker helps you figure out who it came from. It has very powerful searching capabilities that allows you to find items using standard eBay fields, such as item number, seller user name and tracking number and also more advanced fields such as item location, origin zip code and even seller name.

You can type (or scan) tracking number, auction number, city that given item came from or even seller name into filters and the software will instantly find all auctions that are matching. You can also type only part of the information such as the last 5 digits of the tracking number and BAM Tracker will give you all auctions that match your search.

6. Keep track of items received, cancelled and disputed

Once you find the item, with two clicks you can mark it as received and the software changes status to Received and automatically updates received date. You can do the same manually after reviewing the picture of the item and all the other information on Item Details page:

If given auction was cancelled, you can just change the status to Cancelled and put your own note so later on you know what happened. Same with returns. You can keep track of when you shipped it back, tracking number in the notes section or using one of 3 custom fields that are there for your use.

Once you're done with given item, the software can also leave feedback for you and if you choose to set it up, automatically send follow up message to the seller.


BAM Tracker was created specifically for eBay buyers who purchase large volume of auctions each month. If that’s you, you know how difficult it is to keep track of your purchases and I’m sure you’ll find BAM Tracker to be of great benefit to you.

Go to BAM Tracker page and try it for yourself!


BAM Tracker is Coming out of Beta Soon

Introducing BAM Tracker

BAM Tracker is another software for eBay buyers from Buyer Auction Manager. This one is geared towards buyers who purchase a lot of auctions each month. If you purchase several hundred or more items a month, you know how difficult it is to keep track of your purchases.

Some sellers do not ship with tracking or do not add tracking numbers to eBay. Others will send you just the box without auction details or any other information you can use to identify who given item came from. You keep getting frustrated trying to figure out who sent you your items and which ones you're still waiting on. If that’s you, BAM Tracker will make your life a lot easier.

What the Software Can do for You

The software can automatically synchronize with eBay and PayPal, getting new items within minutes after you purchase them and updating existing items with information such as tracking numbers and item location. It has the ability to send automated messages to sellers right after you purchase win auctions, after you submit payment, after you receive item or after you leave feedback. You can use that to set up automatic notifications to go out, right after you pay for an item and ask seller to include item number with the package. This can significantly reduce your stress because now it’s easier for you to figure out who given item came from.

Once you get a package, BAM Tracker allows you to search by things such as tracking number, seller location, zip code, auction title or even by seller name. Once you find the item in the software, you can mark it received and leave feedback right away, contact seller or open eBay case. You can add your own notes that you can later use to search for items and you even have custom fields that you can use to somehow identify your items.

Official Release Coming up Soon

BAM Tracker has been in Beta for about a month now and a lot of changes have been made. New functionality has been added and the software is almost ready for officially release. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to BAM Tracker details page and try it for yourself.