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Buy Items on eBay After Prime-Time For Really Good Deals

Sellers want their auctions to end at prime-time

One of the secrets to selling an item on eBay, and making the most profit, is to have the auction item end during prime-time, between 7 pm and 10 pm. That way, the most people possible will be viewing and bidding on the auction before it ends.

Because of that fact, the most diverse array of items will be found to bid on that end during that time frame. You will automatically be bidding against the highest amount of people that are interested in that item because it ends during the time when nearly everyone is around.

Best time to buy on eBay

Consider this. If you can find the same or similar item listed that ends long after prime time, particularly in the middle of the night, you stand a far better chance to getting a really good deal. You see, just because the auction concludes so late, many people would rather sleep then wait for the auction to end. Let's face it, people have to work the next morning, go to college, get their kids off to school etc. etc. etc. Viewed that way, in most cases sleeping seems like a far better idea than bidding on an auction.

Less bidders means better deals

This behavior opens up a window of opportunity to those that can stay awake. Because most of the bidders will be sleeping, those hardy souls who stand-to at their computers have the golden opportunity to be one of the few bidders left. And generally, the fewer the bidders, the less the item will eventually sell for.

In reality, all you are doing is playing the percentages. The higher the percentage of people that are available to bid, the more bids there are likely to be, the higher the bids have the potential to go. Conversely, the lower percentage of people that are available means less bidding and a lower price when the auction ends.

Sniping can help but be careful

For those of you with sniping programs, this task is even easier. Do your research, find the item, and set the sniping parameters to bid on the item, as close as you dare, to the auctions end. But remember, a power outage, a funky computer blip or even if someone inadvertently turns off your computer, any of these conditions will negatively affect your sniping results.

Although this strategy may not be right for everyone, just knowing it means you can buck the odds. If there is something you really and truly want, it may be worth your while to stay up late, have a few more cups of coffee, and win an item on a low bid because you waited until after prime-time! That feeling of instant gratification of getting a really good deal, will be worth any of the sleep that you lost.

Silver American Eagles Won on eBay using Buyer Auction Manager

Created new category

Silver American Eagle LotI've been pretty busy in the last two weeks and I haven't added any blog posts. I thought, I'll start by creating a new section to advertise my eBay software. I'll start posting items that I win using Buyer Auction Manager that I consider good deals.

Lot of 27 Silver American Eagles

About a week ago, I was watching Pawn Stars and running Win It Now module of Buyer Auction Manager searching for gold and silver eagles. The software picked up 1986 - 2012 lot of 27 silver eagles. I opened the item, quickly went through description, looked at the Buy It Now price, calculated price per coin and purchased it. All that in less than 70 seconds from the time this auction was posted.

Why is this a good deal?

My total price for 27 coins was $800 (including shipping and handling). The price per coin come to $29.63. The lot included 1996 silver eagle which sells for premium because it's the lowest mintage year. At the time of my purchase silver spot price was around $31.70. Silver eagles usually sell for $3+ over the spot price. If you can find them for $1 over spot, please let me know where as I'm interested in buying more. Just adding $1 to the silver spot makes the price $32.70 per coin. I would be a buyer at that price. This means that I would be willing to pay at least $880 for this lot which saved me $80+. As far as I'm concerned I got a great deal. If you buy sliver, you know that it's almost impossible to find eagles for below silver spot price.


I used my eBay software for buyers to get this great deal. If you're interested, try it yourself. It comes with 30-day no obligation trial.