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All Computer Deals On eBay Begin With Feedback

Usually when looking for a computer on eBay, besides the price, the first thing everyone thinks about is performance. What type of processor does it have? How much memory? What kind of motherboard is it equipped with? Does it come with accessories? Although this is all fine and good, when you want to bid and win a computer on eBay, the reality is that the first thing to look at is the feedback.

Yes, looking at feedback is an important thing to do on anything you choose to bid on, but when looking for a computer, feedback is the MOST important thing to look at.

Why? Well, even though we think of computers as being rugged and tough, especially the modern laptops that are available, they are still made of sensitive electronic parts. These parts, no matter how hardy they are made, do not like to be roughed up, jostled, thrown or banged around. Countless amounts of laptops have died because they fell off a desk and dropped on the floor.

You may now be asking what this has to do with feedback? OK, consider this. Feedback also means packaging. Lousy packaging means lousy feedback. An item, no matter what it is that the seller has sold, will garner a neutral or negative feedback response from a buyer if it has been packaged badly. If a person can't adequately package a regular item safely, do you really want to trust them with a computer? Beware the person listing a computer for bid that has bad feedback or comments about inadequate packaging.

On the other side of the coin, a person with impeccable feedback that specializes in selling computers is the safest bet. You may win the comp with a slightly higher bid, but the peace of mind knowing the computer will show up at your door packaged well, which means in working condition, may be the best deal you could ever get when placing a successful bid.

So think feedback first when bidding on a computer off of eBay, because if the packaging is not worth its weight in terrabytes, then the RAM, ROM and megahertz you paid for, will mean nothing when it gets to your front door. And as always, no matter what you bid on at eBay, BAM's got your back!

A Valuable Tool: eBay Feedback

Feedback as a confidence builder

eBay offers a means by which people from across the globe can connect and conduct business. The opportunities to buy and sell on eBay has allowed for a world in which you are no longer limited in what you can purchase based on your location. In order to maintain as a source of honest and accountable commerce, there are certain mechanisms that are in place to foster confidence among buyers and sellers alike. One important and highly effective mechanism is the feedback feature.

Customers looking to buy an item or service should filter their options using several factors. Cost, shipping, and the availability of receiving exactly what you are seeking are the keys to choosing among eBay sellers. Once you have narrowed your choice to those listings that meet your standards closest, dig even deeper to choose the vendor to receive your business. The feedback section can prove to be an invaluable tool in choosing a reputable seller.

Look for the "right" kind of feedback

Look for feedback that matches the type of product of service you are seeking from the seller. If you are buying a service, consider the feedback related to services over those related to items that the seller may have previously sold. A seller could have a stellar record of delivering services in a timely and professional manner while struggling to deliver items as well. That distinction will allow you to differentiate between sellers of similar feedback rating.

The information listed in the seller’s feedback will alert you if the vendor has had previous complaints about the timeliness and quality of their delivery. You can use the seller’s reputation when deciding what to offer for an item or service. A seller with a sub-par feedback rating may not attract the same amount as a vendor with an impeccable rating. There are no strict rules as to how you should use the information you glean from feedback but as much information you can gather and consider as possible can make the difference between a smooth and satisfying transaction and a transaction that is rife with snafus and delays that would be easily predicted by the tenor of the seller’s feedback.

Provide your own feedback after the transaction

After you have weighed all of the information at your disposal and have chosen a seller from whom to purchase, provide your own feedback once the transaction is completed. By adding feedback you will contribute to the eBay community and assist future buyers in choosing the vendor they will trust with their business. The community works best for everyone when as many people as possible contribute to all of the tools at their disposal.