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New USPS First-Class Rates in Effect in August

New USPS First-Class Rates in Effect in August

According to an eBay Announcement, The United States Postal Service has proposed a rate increase on First-Class Mail Parcels (FCMP) weighing between 1-3 ounces. "These new rates have been approved, and will go into effect on August 28, 2016," says the announcement.

The new USPS rates are:

1-3 oz First Class Mail Parcel Retail:

Currently $2.45

Proposed $2.62

1-3 oz First Class Package Service via eBay labels:

Currently $2.45

Proposed $2.60

Do such small increases affect your eBay buying? One thing I have been wondering, as a seller, if the overall increase of USPS rates, more on heavy items that need to be shipped Priority Mail, have affected buyers' habits.  For one reason, heavier items such as serving platters can sometimes cost as much in postage as they do in their purchase price. 

One seller on an eBay discussion board wrote, "I'm losing ton of money on shipping!?! HELP!!"

"So I put a bunch of stuff on sale, using the 'Ebay' calculator for shipping. I ended up paying around $2-5 more for nearly reach item. One item I sold for$.99 and I paid $2 more than buyer paid to ship. So basically I paid someone to take my item! So next time around, I said everything weighed am extra pound trying to see if that would work...nope!!

"When I did this before you could add things for handling costs to cover anything like that, and packing materials. I get that Ebay was losing out when people would put $19.99 for shipping and sell item for a penny, but I just want to add $2 handling fee for things like shipping cost error and tape and such.

"I was also on receiving end of issue. The seller printed the label ebay said was right, and when package got here, mailman made me pay another $3.54 that had been under paid by seller. Seller said there had been issues with ebay postage calculator. Even my post office said they rarely get ebay stuff anymore since the change went into effect. Come on ebay fix this please!!

Other sellers counseled that he add shipping costs into his item price, doing research on sold items to make sure his shipping price wasn't out of line with other items in the same category.

Another said he used eBay's shipping calculator with no problem.

What about you? Have you decided against buying an item ever because the shipping price was too high? What do you think of the new USPS first-class rates, or will they not make a difference to you in your buying? Post a comment here!