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BAM Tracker Officially Launched Today!

BAM Tracker Has Been Released

It has taken a long time to get here but the time has come and BAM Tracker has been officially released. BAM Tracker is another software by Buyer Auction Manager for bulk eBay buyers. Unlike BAM Seeker that helps you purchase items on eBay, BAM Tracker helps you manage eBay purchases. It takes over once you win given auction and helps you all the way until you receive your item and are satisfied with it, cancel it or return it.

BAM Tracker is your bulk purchase managing software that synchronizes your transactions with eBay and PayPal so all the information that’s available for given auction is at your fingertips. It updates changes automatically so when seller makes changes on eBay such as adding tracking numbers, those changes show up in the software within minutes. It can send messages to eBay sellers automatically, help you communicate with sellers more efficiently and help you find who given item came from.

If you purchase in bulk on eBay, BAM Tracker is for you!

Click here to see BAM Tracker press release.

Click here for more details about BAM Tracker and download link.