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Would You Sell Your Items with eBay Neighbourhood?

Would You Sell Your Items with eBay Neighbourhood?

EBay has launched a peer-to-peer selling program in the U.K., eBay Neighbourhood, according to TameBay. With the program, people who want to unload items they no longer need would be able to use the services of trusted sellers in certain local areas in the U.K.  The selling fee is a flat 40% charged to the buyer, but the seller would also benefit from free insertion and 20% off final value fees, according to TameBay.

EBay will contact users in the areas where the program is being piloted that there are sellers in the area that can help them sell their unwanted stuff.

I find this program interesting because eBay often tests initiatives in the U.K. and other sites before bringing them to the U.S. It could be the latest incarnation of what was the eBay Trading Assistant Program, which was ended in 2013, according to this article in EcommerceBytes from that time.

My take on it is that some kind of program where experienced sellers can help eBay novices -- or just those folks who don't want to bother with creating their own eBay listings -- is a good idea. Apparently with this new pilot program, eBay is only inviting "trusted sellers" to do the consignment listing, so any unmet expectations by the former Trading Assistant program would not be a problem.

Personally, I have sold all kinds of items for others, mostly friends and neighbors, and found it to be a worthwhile endeavor for both sides, though you must be meticulous about recordkeeping. The only downside for me was that I felt a pressure to keep my commission fees low, because these were friends. With eBay Neighbourhood, the set 40% commission eliminates this problem.

What do you think about this pilot program, and would you want it to come to the U.S.? What do you think of the whole idea of having another eBay seller list your goods for you have reservations about it, or does it just sound like a great way to unload your unneeded stuff?  Post a comment here!