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Forget Your Cell Phone For Video, Win A Camcorder Off Of eBay

Cell phones are great but take lousy video

Almost everyone has a cell phone, and many newer models have the capability to take video. Granted, using a cell phone like this is incredibly convenient, no doubt. However, if you like the fuzzy picture quality, pixelation, lousy low light capabilities, questionable sound quality and a video that looks like it was taken with a potato, than a cell phone video camera is perfect for you!

Camcorders are cheap now days

New camcorders have drastically fallen in price for a couple of reasons. The technology is getting less expensive to manufacture, and cell phones are being equipped with video cameras. Some top of the line camcorders are selling new for less than the price of a 4G cell phone. With that in mind, imagine what camcorders are going for on eBay!

Buy used and save

Used camcorders with HD quality picture, low light characteristics, stabilization, that print to flash media can be won for pennies on the dollar. These are high quality units from brand name makers that you'll win for far less than the newest feature packed cell phone. Camcorders have gotten so common that if you miss a low bid on the first one, chances are you get the second one, possibly for even less!

Now, these are not the bulky camcorders that you need two hands to hold. These are state of the art Hi-Def units that are sometimes no bigger than a modern key pad cell phone. They can be slipped in a shirt pocket, strapped to a hat, aimed with one hand and in all instances, will give crisp, clear and outstanding video. Many are even equipped with stereo microphones for quality audio. They all take flash media that inserts into a receptacle, and many come with built-in memory so you can shoot video right out of the box. This is truly one of the most outstanding deals on eBay right now.

Just remember, when bidding and winning a camcorder, make sure the shipping price is calculated in, and also check the feedback to see if there are any issues with the seller not packaging correctly.


So, if you are looking for high quality video and think that your cell phone can deliver, forget it! Your Smartphone isn't quite that smart. Win a camcorder off of eBay, get HD picture quality, smile at how little your final bid price was, and remember that when it comes to finding deals on eBay, BAM's got your back!

Light Up Your Life With Lamps From eBay

Lamps can accent your house

Some of the most beautiful settings in a home, like a sun room, a bedroom or even a recreation room, are accented by choosing the right lamp. Swag lamps can be hung in a corner to give a retro glow, porcelain table lamps are perfect accompaniments on end tables, parlor lamps will radiate warmth in a living room or a family room, and a chandelier is the perfect lighting effect for a dining room.

Inevitably, the highest winning bid on any lamp will be for the ones that work. Plug them in, turn them on and you have light. For that, you'll pay a premium, but here is the secret to winning with a low bid.

Parts that make lamps work

Did you know that a lamp, any lamp, has only three parts that will make it work or not work? The plug, the cord and the socket. That's it. All lamps are simple circuits. The power from the wall plug flows into the cord and exits at the socket which lights up the bulb. No computers, no motors, no magic. Just basic electricity at it simplest. Now, we aren't talking florescent lighting here, we are talking the standard and common Edison sockets that will accept incandescent, florescent energy saving bulbs and the new LED bulbs.

So what are you going to do when you win a lamp that doesn't work? Well, here's the deal.

Fixing lamp plug

If the plug is bad, cut it off with a scissors and get a new light-duty plug at the hardware store. Unscrew the screw that holds the cover down, flip the cover of the new plug open, insert the cut end of the cord inside, push the cover back into place and screw it down. That's all there is and you have just changed the plug.

Fixing lamp socket

The socket is just as easy. Every socket has a “Push to Open” tab on the side. Push the tab and pull the socket apart while leaving the socket base in place. Unscrew the terminals that hold the wires on. Get a new socket exactly like the one you had from any hardware store. Screw the wires back onto the new terminals and remember that the white wire goes to the silver terminal, the black goes to the copper terminal, and any green wire goes to a green terminal. Push the new cover back onto the socket base until it “snaps” shut, and you are done.

Fixing lamp cord

The cord is the easiest yet. Unscrew the wires from the socket, as detailed above, and pull the cord from the lamp. Cut the receptacle end off of a common household extension cord and push the wires back into the lamp. Wire them up to the socket and you are good to go, since the plug is already attached.

Fix it and score killer deal on eBay

If you are willing to do this, you will find some killer deals on lamps and lighting that doesn't work. In most cases, all you will need is a screwdriver and some time, but virtually anyone can do this. Plus, you win two ways, The first is on the low price bid you'll pay, and the second is the satisfaction you'll have when you turn the switch and the light goes on after you have repaired it. It just doesn't get any better than that except knowing, as always, that BAM's got your back!

All Computer Deals On eBay Begin With Feedback

Usually when looking for a computer on eBay, besides the price, the first thing everyone thinks about is performance. What type of processor does it have? How much memory? What kind of motherboard is it equipped with? Does it come with accessories? Although this is all fine and good, when you want to bid and win a computer on eBay, the reality is that the first thing to look at is the feedback.

Yes, looking at feedback is an important thing to do on anything you choose to bid on, but when looking for a computer, feedback is the MOST important thing to look at.

Why? Well, even though we think of computers as being rugged and tough, especially the modern laptops that are available, they are still made of sensitive electronic parts. These parts, no matter how hardy they are made, do not like to be roughed up, jostled, thrown or banged around. Countless amounts of laptops have died because they fell off a desk and dropped on the floor.

You may now be asking what this has to do with feedback? OK, consider this. Feedback also means packaging. Lousy packaging means lousy feedback. An item, no matter what it is that the seller has sold, will garner a neutral or negative feedback response from a buyer if it has been packaged badly. If a person can't adequately package a regular item safely, do you really want to trust them with a computer? Beware the person listing a computer for bid that has bad feedback or comments about inadequate packaging.

On the other side of the coin, a person with impeccable feedback that specializes in selling computers is the safest bet. You may win the comp with a slightly higher bid, but the peace of mind knowing the computer will show up at your door packaged well, which means in working condition, may be the best deal you could ever get when placing a successful bid.

So think feedback first when bidding on a computer off of eBay, because if the packaging is not worth its weight in terrabytes, then the RAM, ROM and megahertz you paid for, will mean nothing when it gets to your front door. And as always, no matter what you bid on at eBay, BAM's got your back!

Bidding With Knowledge About Dishes (China)-Chips, Cracks and Crazing

Classification of China

set of china dishesChina is classified in several different ways when placed up for auction. A description of mint or near mint means the China will exhibit no chips or cracks, and all of the gold leaf paint, glazing or designs will be wholly or almost completely intact. If you are looking for China that is mint or near mint, expect to bid high and win it paying a premium.

Yet if you are willing to live with some cracks or chips, the bid price may plummet, depending on the maker.

Small Chips

Small chips, in innocuous places will always bring down the bidding price of the China, but they won't necessarily detract from the beauty. A chip on the bottom rim of a tea cup or a small chip on the underside of a serving platter rim will ensure that the item will not get top dollar, but no one, in real life,  may even notice it is there. That means, you'll get that cup or platter for a far less final bid, and it will still look terrific.


A crack is a different matter altogether. If the crack is too deep, which means it will go through one side of the piece to the other, it may actually compromise the structure of the item. Deep and long cracks may actually break in two after being used only a short time. Cracks will enlarge when subjected to a repeated hot and cold wash cycle, no matter how gently you handle the piece. So realistically, unless you are willing to live with the fact that a crack may eventually cause a failure, it might be wise to pass up a bid on an item with a deep crack, no matter how inexpensive it may be.


Crazing, on the other hand, are small spiderweb-like cracks in the glaze finish. These cracks do not go into the structure of the China and are therefore relatively harmless. Some people even value crazing because it shows the dish has personality. If you can live with crazing on China, you may score a serious bargain on any that you bid for.

What are your needs?

Ultimately, think about your needs here. Mint or near mint China is almost flawless and it is the most highly coveted and perfect choice for the most special of occasions. But for everyday use, a few chips, shallow cracks or some crazing is not all that bad. If you are willing to live with those flaws, you can still present to people the best China service out there, while not breaking the bank on your final bid price.

Knowledge about what to look for when bidding on China is the key, and as always, no matter what you bid on at eBay, BAM's got your back!