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Different Spellings + Slang Terms = BIG eBay Savings

Different spellings and slang terms

Sometimes items are listed using the vernacular of the specific area where they are being sold from, they are listed under a slang name or are listed under a popular term instead of using the formal name. In those cases, if you can learn the different spelling or the slang term, you'll have the potential to win an item with a lower bid.

For example, if someone lists an item as a Mountain Bike instead of a Mountain Bicycle, you will need two different searches to find both of them. Most people use the common name of “Bike” when speaking, but the correct term of “Bicycle” is used by manufacturers. You may find the exact same bicycle listed from two different sellers, with one listed under the heading of “bicycle,” and one listed as a “bike.” If the majority of the people are searching for a bicycle, you will have a far better chance of having a winning lower bid if you are searching for a bike.

Some items have more than one spelling

Consider that any item with the color “gray” in the title may also be found with the optional spelling of “grey.” They are both listed correctly and spelled right, but some people might only search for a “gray” item and not punch the word “grey” into the eBay search engine. If you don't punch in the right word, you may be missing out on a bargain.

Another example is a juicer. However, the correct name is a juice machine or a juice extractor. But, they are also known as a juicing machines too. These are four separate, and legitimate, names for one item, and all of them must be searched to get the best deal. If you search only one or two, you may be missing out big-time.

Both the terms “lamp” and “light” are interchangeable. A table lamp can just as well be listed as a table light, or a swag lamp can be listed as a swag light. For any lamp that you may be looking for, also look for it using the word light in place of lamp.

Find different spellings using search engine

An easy way to find different spellings, meanings and slang terms for a specific item is to type the name of the item in question, followed by the word synonym. As an example, type in “lamp synonym” into a search engine, and a host of sites will come up with different terms for the word “lamp.” You can then search each of these alternate words on eBay, and never miss out on the opportunity to win an item with a lower bid.

By using different spellings and slang terms when searching on eBay, you maximize your chances of finding an item that few others are searching for, and that gives you a chance at winning that item with a lower bid. And remember, no matter what you bid on at eBay, BAM's got your back!