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Pain of Keeping Track of Your eBay Purchases and BAM Tracker

Tools for eBay Buyers

There are a lot of tools for eBay sellers out there but not so much for eBay buyers. If you purchase a lot of auctions on eBay, one of the most difficult tasks you have is probably keeping track of those items and communicating with sellers. It’s pretty easy if you only purchase couple of items a month. You can just leave feedback when you receive given item and this way you know what you already received. Once you start purchasing 100+ items each month, the task of keeping track of what you already received, what you’re still waiting for, protection cases, what was cancelled and refunded becomes more and more difficult.

Keeping Track of eBay Purchases

A while back, I used to purchase around 500 small items on eBay per month so I know the pain. I used to copy new items from my eBay buyer history page each day (that page is no longer available) and paste them into Excel spreadsheet because it gave me the information that I wanted. From there, I would add my own custom fields to the spreadsheet and once items started coming in, I would put the date I received them and notes such as when protection cases were opened so later on I could follow up with the seller.

This was a lot of time consuming work. Most of the items that I purchased did not get shipped with tracking so I couldn’t find them by tracking numbers. They were also very similar so looking at pictures didn’t guarantee that I’ll be able to match the item to the auction.

Some sellers were good and included packaging slips from eBay or PayPal so I could easily figure out who given item came from by item number or their eBay user name. Not everybody did that though so I would spend hours going through eBay listings, updating Item locations and if that didn’t work I would go through the export of PayPal transactions looking at the names trying to match who it came from.

At that time, I would have loved to have a software that would make tracking my purchases a lot easier but there was nothing out there. Towards the end of 2013 and in at the beginning of 2014, I talked to some people who purchase large volume of items on eBay and most of them (the ones who did not have their own custom solution that they developed over the years) felt the same pain. I pitched the idea of a software that would help them receive their eBay purchases and they loved it.

BAM Tracker to the Rescue

It took a long time to become reality because it wasn’t the highest priority project on my list but the software is finally here. It’s called BAM Tracker and it’s officially launching later this month. If you purchase 100+ auction on eBay per month, the software should be of great benefit to you. If you purchase over 1000 auctions a month, you either have your own custom solution that you probably paid thousands of dollars to develop or you need BAM Tracker to stay in business.

How do you currently keep track of your eBay purchases? Let me know in the comments section.

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BAM Tracker is Coming out of Beta Soon

Introducing BAM Tracker

BAM Tracker is another software for eBay buyers from Buyer Auction Manager. This one is geared towards buyers who purchase a lot of auctions each month. If you purchase several hundred or more items a month, you know how difficult it is to keep track of your purchases.

Some sellers do not ship with tracking or do not add tracking numbers to eBay. Others will send you just the box without auction details or any other information you can use to identify who given item came from. You keep getting frustrated trying to figure out who sent you your items and which ones you're still waiting on. If that’s you, BAM Tracker will make your life a lot easier.

What the Software Can do for You

The software can automatically synchronize with eBay and PayPal, getting new items within minutes after you purchase them and updating existing items with information such as tracking numbers and item location. It has the ability to send automated messages to sellers right after you purchase win auctions, after you submit payment, after you receive item or after you leave feedback. You can use that to set up automatic notifications to go out, right after you pay for an item and ask seller to include item number with the package. This can significantly reduce your stress because now it’s easier for you to figure out who given item came from.

Once you get a package, BAM Tracker allows you to search by things such as tracking number, seller location, zip code, auction title or even by seller name. Once you find the item in the software, you can mark it received and leave feedback right away, contact seller or open eBay case. You can add your own notes that you can later use to search for items and you even have custom fields that you can use to somehow identify your items.

Official Release Coming up Soon

BAM Tracker has been in Beta for about a month now and a lot of changes have been made. New functionality has been added and the software is almost ready for officially release. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to BAM Tracker details page and try it for yourself.