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eBay Strives to Get Everyone Their Version of Perfect

eBay Strives to Get Everyone Their Version of Perfect

EBay has a new catchphrase, which is "to help every person get their version of perfect, no matter what it is," as reported by EcommerceBytes. 

In a YouTube video that shows women discussing their idea of perfect, one woman cheekily says, "My perfect would be somebody else's nightmare."  Another woman says one of her favorite items of clothing is a pair of Justin cowboy boots, and she says she's sold quite a few pairs of shoes on eBay.

"I love the idea of taking old clothes and bringing them into a new situation," says another woman.

EBay CEO Devin Wenig says the company has done some testing in the US and UK, and "you should begin to feel the sharpened eBay brand in our major markets" in the second half of the year, according to what he told Wall Street analysts, EcommerceBytes reported.

This latest catchphrase made me think of some of the others eBay has had over the years. In an ad campaign reminiscent of this one, eBay had said it was the perfect place to find "It," whatever it was. That year at the eBay Live convention there was a large fuzzy word, "It," on display in the foyer.

Another slogan eBay had at one time was to get your "Windorphins," meaning the feel-good endorphins from "winning" an auction. I recall seeing a large billboard with a Windorphins slogan on it when flying out of one eBay convention.

What do you think of eBay's new slogan? Do you think eBay is still the place to find "your version of perfect," or are there things that you feel you cannot find on there, or prefer to buy somewhere else, such as Amazon? Post a comment here!

BAM Tracker Officially Launched Today!

BAM Tracker Has Been Released

It has taken a long time to get here but the time has come and BAM Tracker has been officially released. BAM Tracker is another software by Buyer Auction Manager for bulk eBay buyers. Unlike BAM Seeker that helps you purchase items on eBay, BAM Tracker helps you manage eBay purchases. It takes over once you win given auction and helps you all the way until you receive your item and are satisfied with it, cancel it or return it.

BAM Tracker is your bulk purchase managing software that synchronizes your transactions with eBay and PayPal so all the information that’s available for given auction is at your fingertips. It updates changes automatically so when seller makes changes on eBay such as adding tracking numbers, those changes show up in the software within minutes. It can send messages to eBay sellers automatically, help you communicate with sellers more efficiently and help you find who given item came from.

If you purchase in bulk on eBay, BAM Tracker is for you!

Click here to see BAM Tracker press release.

Click here for more details about BAM Tracker and download link.


BAM Tracker is Coming out of Beta Soon

Introducing BAM Tracker

BAM Tracker is another software for eBay buyers from Buyer Auction Manager. This one is geared towards buyers who purchase a lot of auctions each month. If you purchase several hundred or more items a month, you know how difficult it is to keep track of your purchases.

Some sellers do not ship with tracking or do not add tracking numbers to eBay. Others will send you just the box without auction details or any other information you can use to identify who given item came from. You keep getting frustrated trying to figure out who sent you your items and which ones you're still waiting on. If that’s you, BAM Tracker will make your life a lot easier.

What the Software Can do for You

The software can automatically synchronize with eBay and PayPal, getting new items within minutes after you purchase them and updating existing items with information such as tracking numbers and item location. It has the ability to send automated messages to sellers right after you purchase win auctions, after you submit payment, after you receive item or after you leave feedback. You can use that to set up automatic notifications to go out, right after you pay for an item and ask seller to include item number with the package. This can significantly reduce your stress because now it’s easier for you to figure out who given item came from.

Once you get a package, BAM Tracker allows you to search by things such as tracking number, seller location, zip code, auction title or even by seller name. Once you find the item in the software, you can mark it received and leave feedback right away, contact seller or open eBay case. You can add your own notes that you can later use to search for items and you even have custom fields that you can use to somehow identify your items.

Official Release Coming up Soon

BAM Tracker has been in Beta for about a month now and a lot of changes have been made. New functionality has been added and the software is almost ready for officially release. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to BAM Tracker details page and try it for yourself.


1 Year Anniversary Contest Winners Announced

Buyer Auction Manager 1 year anniversary facebook contest ended yesterday night. While thinking of something to do for this first anniversary I decided that since the software is for eBay buyers, it would make sense to give away some eBay gift cards. I purchased 4 custom made $25 eBay Gift Cards and today, I got to pick 4 winners.

There were 54 people who entered the contest and there were 3 people who got bonus entries for referring friends. Here is the overview from the appliation that I used to run this contest:


Without further ado, here are the winners as they were chosen. The first winner is Terry Mckay:


Second winner is Thomas Almasi:


Third winner is Sara Alexander:


And the fourth winner is Maxwell Skipper:


Congratulation to all the winners! You'll be hearing from me shortly. Thank you to everybody who participated. Keep reading the blog for eBay related articles as well as other contests and promotions.

If you haven't tried Buyer Auction Manager yet, give it a try. It will save you time, money and make your eBay buying experience more enjoyable.


eBay Sweepstakes Gift Cards Have Arrived!

Buyer Auction Manager 1 year anniversary Facebook sweepstakes are slowly coming to an end. As of today, there are only 10 days left. There are currently 45 people who entered sweepstakes and who are eligible to win one of four custom $25 eBay gift cards as pictured below:

Currently there are only 2 bonus entries. You get bonus entry for every person you refer who enters sweepstakes. If you still haven't entered, now is the time! If you already entered, share it with your friends and earn bonus entries for a better chance to win:

Winners will be announced shortly after 3/16/2013. Here is the link to enter: Buyer Auction Manager 1 Year Anniversary Sweepstakes

Good luck,