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New Year 2013 and New Resolutions

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I started writing blog posts for this website almost a year ago. I saw a lot of resources for eBay sellers on the internet but I couldn’t find much for eBay buyers.  Most websites target sellers because they’re the ones who want to grow their businesses and are willing to spend money to make their lives easier and their businesses better. Since my software Buyer Auction Manager targets people who buy on eBay, I wanted to create a resource for buyers.

Writing is not my strongest skill so each post that I created took a lot of time and energy. After 2 months, I stopped posting. I started working on other things and could not find the time or motivation.

Goal for year 2013

My goal for 2013 is to make this #1 eBay buyer resource. You’ll start seeing posts by other authors and I’ll try to post more myself. If you’re interested in guest blogging or if you have something valuable for eBay buyers and would like to publish it, please contact me.

Also, if you have comments about particular blog post, feel free to post it. Comments are moderated so they have to be approved before they’re published but as long as it’s not spam and it’s relevant, it will be approved.

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I wish you Happy New Year 2013 and I hope you can score many good deals on eBay this year.