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Getting PayPal API Keys for BAM Tracker

Please note that you can only get PayPal API keys if you have Business PayPal account. Personal PayPal account does not allow API access.

See upgrading your PayPal account if you have Personal account.

Below, you'll find step by step instruction on how to generate PayPal API keys. If you aleady generated API credentials, you'll be able to get them following the same steps up to Step 3. After Step 3, PayPal will take you directly to step 5 "View or Remove API Signature".

Step 1 - Go to PayPal Settings

After you log in to your PayPal account go to Settings by clicking Profile and Settings:

Get to Settings New PayPal page
Getting to Settings while looged in to PayPal

Step 2 - Go to API Access

While in Settings, go to "My selling tools" on the left navigation and click "Update" link next to "API access":

Get to API Access Page
Getting to API Access page

Step 3 - Manage API Credentials

On API Access page, pick "NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)" by clicking "Manage API credentials":

Request PayPal API Credentials
Requesting API credentials

Step 4 - Request API Signature

On Request API Credentials page, pick "Request API signature" option and click "Agree and Submit":

Request PayPal API Credentials
Requesting API signature

Step 5 - Save API Values in BAM Tracker

After step 4, PayPal will generate API signature for you. You need to save those in BAM Tracker so the software can call PayPal API and pull your transactions. The values that you need are your API Username, API Password and Signature. You access those values by clicking "Show" next to corresponding items:

View PayPal API Signature
Viewing API signature