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Why scan for ending eBay auctions?

By looking for auctions that are about to end, you can find deals that other people have missed.

If you've used eBay for some time, you know that very often, most of the bidding happens towards the end of the auction. A lot of people wait until the end before placing their maximum bid or they use sniper software to places bids for them.

This means that there will be auctions that are ending within the next few minutes that have low highest bid. You can use this to find good deals on eBay and save money.

How can you use this to your advantage?

By scanning for auctions that are ending within minutes, you can identify possible good deals that you might want to bid on.

Once you find an auction that you think is worth bidding on, you can place your bid directly through eBay or you can use FREE eBay sniper software to place your bid in the final seconds and increase your chances of winning the item.

BAM Seeker offers both Ending eBay Auctions Scanner and Sniper that can help you find those deals and place your bid in the final seconds of the auction.