Software for Serious eBay Buyers

Scan, Snipe, Buy and Track your eBay purchases

Buyer Auction Manager - Demonstration Videos

Below you'll find some demo videos of the software. Those should give you good overview of the applications. They'll also walk you through required setup and will give you tips on how to best use the software.

BAM Seeker Videos

Less than 90 second demo of the Buyer Auction Manager (Full) - now called BAM Seeker:

Overview of all the functionality offered by BAM Seeker including Sniper, Win It Now, Ending Now, Browser and Setup. I will show you how you can use this eBay software for buyers to find good deals and save money:

I concentrate on Win It Now module including advanced setup options:

Demo of Ending Now module including advanced setup options:

BAM Tracker Videos

Here are BAM Tracker videos. They'll walk you through initial setup, show you how to synchronize with eBay and PayPal, show you how to set up events, customize tracking grid and how to use the software to look for and receive items.

Initial setup of the software. How to allow BAM Tracker to access your eBay and PayPal transactions:

Setting up automatic synchronization with eBay and PayPal. Setting up events and templates:

Customizing and using Track and Communicate grid to find items, change statuses, communicate with sellers and leave feedback:

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